Enjoy a wonderful time with that special someone while relaxing outside on our terrace

Our terrace is also located on the site of a factory remains. The rustic charms of this place have been preserved for your enjoyment.


Time itself seems to flow like a gentle breeze as you hear the call of birds and listen to the trickling sounds of the water here.


We allow dogs inside and out on the terrace. We are not a dog café but we believe we should accommodate all members of the family.

We welcome all dogs on terrace for free. For an additional fee, you can bring small or medium sized dogs inside. 

We ask you to please be mindful of other customers and follow proper etiquette when coming with your furry friend. 


Indoors: It is 200 yen per dog brought inside. (Small/Medium dogs only please)

Terrace: Free (Large dogs welcome)

Enjoy the gentle breeze and soft sun beams shining through the leaves 

There’s nothing else quite like being outdoors on a sunny day. Enjoy the splendid weather by sitting in the shade of a weeping willow or feel the warm sunlight coming through the weeping willow leaves.

We know food just tastes better in the right setting and place.

We keep our garden terrace open to you all so that your experience here will be the best possible.

​A garden colored by herbs

​The cut flowers displayed inside bring out the best in what we serve

Our garden is brimming with herbs including eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint. Some are freshly cut and used as an accent on our dishes. The natural aroma and beauty from these wonderful herbs growing year round brings vitality into our lives. 

Our weeping willows sing a silent symphony

We feel our row of 3 weeping willows represents Jibohsha. In springtime during the beautiful cherry blossom season, the vibrant colors of the cherry blossoms along the riverside adds a beautiful contrast to the new leaves of our weeping willows. After that, the cool breeze blows the branches and makes its leaves rustle that sings a symphony to everyone entering our garden. 

56-1, Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku,

TEL: +81 - 75 - 751 - 5678

Kyoto 606-8344, JAPAN

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