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【 Seating 】 30 indoor seats and 20 terrace seats

【 Private Room 】 One private room available

 (seats up to 6)

【 Smoking 】 No smoking inside. Smoking seating  available on the terrace and in designated areas.

【 Wi-Fi 】 Free Wi-Fi available

【 Handicap accessibility 】 Available on site

【 Pets 】 Dogs allowed inside (200 yen per       dog/small or medium dogs only please.) *

  [Please note] No charge for dogs on the    terrace as well as all dog sizes allowed.

​【 Parking 】 No parking for cars but        bike parking is available. **

* Please be advised that we are not a dog café, but we will accommodate you if there is a dog in your party. We ask you to be considerate of other customers when bringing your pet in. 

 ** Further, we request you park your vehicle in an available nearby public parking lot.

Business Hours


【時 間】11:00~19:00

      (L.O 18:30)

【休業日】月曜日, 火曜日及び


【Open 】Wednesday to Sunday &

      public holiday

【 Time 】11:00 to 19:00 

                (L.O 18:30)

​【Close 】Monday, Tuesday &

      substitute holiday after

                public holiday.


[For customers coming by the Kyoto City Subway on the Tozai line]

Please get off at the Higashiyama station. We are located a 3-minute walk from station exit #1.

[For customers taking the Kyoto City Bus]

We are a 3-minute walk from the Okazaki-Koen Bijutsukan Heianjingu-mae bus stop.

[For our customers coming by taxi]

As the road approaching our café is too narrow for taxis to pull up all the way up to the front, we request those coming from the North to get out on Nioumon Street and those coming from the South to get out in front of Mitani Inari Shrine. One-minute walk from both streets.




56-1, Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku,

Kyoto 606-8344, JAPAN

TEL: +81 - 75 - 751 - 5678


56-1, Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku,

TEL: +81 - 75 - 751 - 5678

Kyoto 606-8344, JAPAN

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