Our mix of classical white wood paneled walls and traditional mud walls accents our café’s classical Japanese-Western early 20th décor.


​All the little interior touches are there to evoke the charming feel of a bygone era of Japan.

​A large variety of decorative plants add vitality to each space they fill. 

​We hope you’ll enjoy every moment of the charming nostalgic atmosphere here.

​A charming space lost in time

In keeping with the early 20th century design, our interior is lit by a blend of classic incandescent lights and natural light from our large windows.   

From these large windows you can indeed see the April riverside cherry blossoms, and off in the distance the Shogunzuka Seiryuden Hall on the Higashiyama peak. We hope this adds to your enjoyment of the well-preserved interior and outdoor environment.

​The thick beams on our ceiling remain intact from the 1900s factory.

These study beams have held up this historic building for over the last 100 years. 


It was here that wheat refining mortars once lined the interior.


Below the entrance ran a large 3-meter-wide waterwheel that churned around the clock.

A place of serenity and calm

tucked away in the Okazaki district of Kyoto

Just how the factory was once filled with the sounds of running water and churning waterwheel we feel sounds are important at JIbohsha. This is why we have regular piano performances on our upright piano.


During performances the high ceilings create great reverberations that fill the space with pleasant tones.

Please check our event information here online for the latest schedule.

We have a private room at Jibohsha.


A tokonoma (Japanese alcove) is built into the room to add a Japanese accent.


​In addition, the clear paneling on the skylights in the room use bamboo lathing made by early 1900s artisans which act like ranma (transoms).

​​We hope you’ll choose this private room for special gatherings. 

​​We also have special workshops and other events here as well. 

56-1, Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku,

TEL: +81 - 75 - 751 - 5678

Kyoto 606-8344, JAPAN

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