By the Shirakawa, Okazaki, Kyoto

Former Takenaka wheat refinery


​Built on the former grounds of an early 1900s wheat refinery

We are located along the Shirakawa riverside of the Okazaki district in Kyoto on the former grounds of Takenaka wheat refinery. The refinery began in 1914 (year 3 of the Taisho era) founded upon the ambition of utilizing a local canal’s waterwheel and the water that flowed down the area’s waterway. The remains of the refinery now long forgotten and but a distinct memory up until when the site was renovated as an important site of Kyoto Modern Industrial History and finally opened in March 2019 as the community space and café Jibohsha.

We renovated the former factory while wholly retaining its structure and some of its over 100 year-old beams and pillars into a space that has the nostalgic charms of the by-gone days when Western culture was just slowly beginning to permeate Japanese life.


We hope you’ll enjoy the great history of this important building while taking in all the natural beauty and plant life around our garden.

​You can see the garden’s herbs and weeping willow trees from inside the café and during the cherry blossom season, a line of sakura trees on the riverside. Take a seat on the terrace or inside and enjoy the blend of the east and west with our classical western furniture and traditional Japanese mud walls.

We are a café

A nice space to have some food and drink

We started Jibohsha with the hope people would come by to unwind and carefully take in this historic place. Whether you come to chat with those near and dear or are getting in a little reading on your own, we hope you will enjoy your time here.

We are a community space

Have cultural experiences

We hope you’ll come by for some of the events we have here occasionally. These different community events are done to help introduce Japanese culture into everyone’s daily lives.

You can find our garden coming from Nioumon Street heading towards Sanjo street along the Shirakawa River.

​In keeping with the beauty of the area, we have a simple wooden sign hanging. Look for it on your riverside stroll.

56-1, Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku,

TEL: +81 - 75 - 751 - 5678

Kyoto 606-8344, JAPAN

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